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Re: [Amps] Time to learn to use delete key

Subject: Re: [Amps] Time to learn to use delete key
From: John Parkins <>
Reply-to: John Parkins <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 12:40:45 +0100
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Hello Charles,

The whole point about Yahoo groups, which most seem to miss, is that
they are item specific, this one being called 'AMPS' giving the hard
of thinking the clue that it's about, AMPS. If people really want to
post about ANYTHING else then either find a group that deals with that
subject, amongst the millions, or start one. Don't try to highjack a
group and start posting off topic rubbish on it on the pretext that
anything the poster might want to say is so interesting that everyone
must want to read it. People shouldn't have to use the delete key
because ALL the posts should be relevant to that groups purpose, which
is the reason they joined it. Otherwise we might as well just have one
huge group called STUFF into which everyone can post anything they
like, then the delete key would be VERY useful.

Saturday, May 22, 2010, 8:15:14 AM, you wrote:

CH> Instead of practicing freq cop by being an amp reflector cop, let
CH> us learn to use our delete function on our computers.
CH> When I see a topic, like "heathkit copyright" and I am tired of
CH> it, I just mark it for deleting.  I do not get upset with someone
CH> else's right to have his say.   The delete function works very
CH> well and it makes me very happy.  Try it, you can be happier too!
CH> 73

CH> Charles Harpole

CH> PS: if the owner shuts it down, then it is his ball game....
CH> otherwise how about "live and let live"?

Best regards,
 John      G8KVP            

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