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Re: [Amps] RF in the Audio

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Subject: Re: [Amps] RF in the Audio
From: "Mitch Cox" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 12:47:40 -0400
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Well I see nothing ever changes here. I have been watching this site for years 
and it seems that the resident Ogre is trying to spread his bitterness yet 
again this morning. I have watched as the school yard bully, the self 
proclaimed God's gift to the radio ignorant is still doing his best to 
discredit anyone who has a new idea that does not go along with his narrow 
minded 6th grade train of thought. Now it has come to name dropping and using 
on air discussion to factually prove his condescending opinions about 
everything offered by anyone. The Ogre here has systematically chased off every 
single threat to his narrow minded "the world according to me" person who had 
any hope of sparking a good healthy discussion on this site about anything to 
do with amplifiers or subjects along the lines. I can remember when my mail box 
would be full of good information and new ideas for our hobby but now no one 
offers anyone help for fear that the site Ogre is going to embarrass, discredit
  or descend upon them and try to make them look small and stupid.
Sometimes a person, or this case Ogre, needs to take a step back and look at 
what has happened and maybe do a little self check to see if any of the 
constructive criticism offered to him over the months actually hits home. Could 
it be that EVERYONE else is wrong and you are the only right in the universe? I 
am very happy that this is, for the most part, is still a free country in as 
much as I can express my displeasure and opinion which is shared by a multitude 
of people who still subscribe to this site simply to see what or who the Ogre 
will descend on next. No longer is this a happy place that a person can come to 
with a question or to seek help without someone( see Ogre) making a 
demoralizing comment, rant or just a downright bully of themselves to further 
their narcissistic ego to make themselves look good by making you look stupid. 
For myself I can no longer tolerate the Ogre so as I hit the send button on 
this, my parting shot, I will also un-subscribe as many of my fel
 low Hams have done over the years and leave the Ogre to his pleasures of 
squashing the small minded Ham. All of you will notice one thing when this is 
posted, when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, or Ogres in this case, only 
the one who is hit will sing out.
As a side note, Jim your observation of the pin one problem is right on the 
mark. To anyone who understands or has any experience in this problem will 
attest, you are absolutely correct in your opinion of this matter. Do not let 
people who do not understand this problem beat you down. You do not need to 
convince the Ogre, who by the way, is simply having too much fun trying to make 
you look like a moron by expounding his ignorance on the subject. Every time he 
does this to someone he gets a woody and snickers just like Smeadly used to do 
on Saturday morning cartoons. He is stuck on stupid and unknowingly lets 
everyone know it each time he tries to become someone. All you are dealing with 
here is a narcissistic old man who wants to be in the same league as the people 
he has systematically ran away from this site. It's too late for the Ogre to 
become an authority figure and he doesn't know enough to ever write a book on 
any subject other than how to bully and try to make others
  look moronic so he is very bitter and misery loves company.
It has been real but has not been fun,

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  From: Carl 
  Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2011 11:51 AM
  Subject: Re: [Amps] RF in the Audio

  I believe it is you who is seriously lacking in much of anything away from 
  the PC and test equipment.

  The average ham doesnt have a clue what is happening at any point along his 
  OWL much less an appreciation for  what QRO and large reactances can do to 
  ferrite. Neither do you Im afraid.
  Neither did Sevick until it was drummed into his head by many during long 
  160M conversations. At least he finally understood.


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  Subject: Re: [Amps] RF in the Audio

  > On 9/24/2011 6:31 AM, Carl wrote:
  >> What works in a lab doesnt mean its good elsewhere.
  > If you think there's a difference between theory and practice, you don't
  > know enough about one or the other.
  > 73, Jim K9YC
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