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Subject: Re: [Amps] "Conventional" current flow
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  It is not uncertain.
His first paper established an absolute limit of resolution of position and 
momentum or time and energy.
However, this discovery was what got him the Nobel Prize. However, this 
conclusion did not fit into 
the current quantum mechanical methods. So he had to redo it in terms of 
probabilities assuming Gaussian statistics.
That trough in a factor of 1/4*PI. 
  In his first paper he stated that delta x *delta p >h and the statistical 
model became standard deviation of x * standard deviation of P>h/4PI
Standard deviation is indicated by a lower case sigma. This is when it became 
the uncertainty principle. Both are correct. However, just
about all text books have replaced sigma with delta. Delta and Sigma have quite 
different meanings. in this case a factor of 4PI.
They all have it as delta x *delta p >h/4PI  (wrong).

Bill wa4lav

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So the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is still uncertain? I feel it's
obvious once the process is measured, the process is changed.
The main bang in my bag is gravity. What is it???
73 N7RT

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   Actually Max Planck was the father of Quantum Mechanics (quantum
He determined that photons, he did not name them then, carried the energy
from one atom to another.
This knowledge led to a better understanding of atomic, nuclear, and
condensed matter ( solid state) physics.
Now, about Heisenberg, He didn't even refer to uncertainty principle in his
initial paper. In fact he had to go do his math over again so that it was
consistent with quantum mechanics. What is more interesting is that most
text books today have HUP wrong!
   Here is one for you, who discovered the photo electric effect? The answer
may surprise you.
Bill wa4lav
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