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[CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!
From: aa4nu@ix.netcom.com (Billy Cox)
Date: Mon Mar 26 13:50:40 2001
 > Boy, have I ever been burnt to a crisp by the email
 > I received in response to my suggestion that TO5T
 > should be disqualified for not following the rules of
 > the WPX SSB contest.  I've received email saying
 > everything from "prove it" to "keep your mouth shut"
 > and "who cares, anyway".  I did get one message from
 > someone who observed the same behavior I did, though.
 > QSL!

You are NOT alone ... this "smells badly" like the Non-Assisted
Ops that use packet ... if it's wrong it's wrong ... That's why the
rules exist and are to be followed.

A few years back I too was "burned to the crisp" regarding how
folks were "winning the assisted" catagory as to it's not what
the rules say, or it's more like it's what they don't say ... yea right.

Hang in there and do what's right ... even if it's never popular
to do so. Don't be bullied off SSB by the bullies. Stay around,
it will make them sweat even more ! <SMILE>

 > The ethics of the SSB contesting community have spoken
 > collectively, and the vast majority have said I should
 > shut my mouth and why do I care anyway?

Whoa ... time out ... I DO NOT think the "vast majority" have
spoken ... most of the honest ones were probably on the AIR
in the WPX, not the Internet this weekend.

So wait a few more days for others to read your original
post and then see what they say ... I don't think the majority
believes such behavior is proper nor legal within the rules.

Count me as one of the SSB contesting (and CW at times)
community that agrees with your 'contesting morals', your
emotions on this topic, and YES ... your post on here as
to the details of who what and such !

 > I only care, 'cause I happen to like contesting.

Me too, as well as many others. Now ? What's the next
step to making next year's WPX not have distractions
such as this ?

 > I've got the message!  ....and I'll go back in my hole
 > and start operating only CW again, where at least some
 > ethical consideration is still in play (I hope).

Don't go anywhere. You've not busted or stretched the
rules here ... TO5T seems to be the one to explain his/her

Recently on this forum, a situation with differing views
was posted ... discussed in a positive manner and
perhaps the future outcome will be different when the
situation occurs 'on the air' again. That one had to do
with issues outside any written contesting rules.

This one ... TO5T seems to be one that lands INSIDE
the rules, or can now be addressed by rules being
re-written to specifically allow or not allow the "please
spot me" issues from distracting from the enjoyment
of contesting ... SSB or any mode.

Scott, you're a great Op and a positive influence on
many more than you realize. Stay and stand your
ground, doing so will encourage others (SSB or CW)
to do like wise until a solution is found.

73 Billy AA4NU

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