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[CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!
From: K3BU@aol.com (K3BU@aol.com)
Date: Sat Mar 31 08:56:16 2001
I4JMY writes:
 >> do You know 40 dB is 10000 times the power ?

you can save your "calculations"!

Please answer me, why did IV3TAN need 3x380V service for FL2100?
Can you tell me what exactly, what kind of amplifier (going to antenna) and
how much power did he use?
Can we see pictures of linears in IG9 photos?
Did he sign declaration stating that he observed all the rules and
regulations, and did he (and other IG9s) observe them? Running only 300W as
allowed by Italian regulations?
Can you explain (your calculations) how 300W into single quarter wave
vertical produce such a signal?
Can we set it up again? I would like to come and see it! I tried verticals on
the beach, 4 squares, and I have not managed to produce such a signals. I
would like to be 30 dB louder than anything from NA. I will pay you or anyone
else to reveal the secret, I would like to have antennas like that.

I, ON4UN, DJ7AA and others didn't fall of the tree today to see that there
could be signal like IV3TAN that is abt 30 dB consistently, round the clock
(never mind focusing propagation), around the world stronger than ANYTHING on
the band from that half of the world?
Can you answer above questions or you will be like HG1S "defending" until
proven guilty and disqualified? Why don't you guys come up with explanation
and clarification? I would like to build single vertical that gives me
omnidirectional gain of 30 dB! What's the secret?  I am not making this up,
160m and 80m IG0/IV3TAN records are in the tables and hundreds of people
around the world heard the signal. We heard signals of CN8WW, who are closer
to NA, they had good signals, but nothing like IG9, and we see pictures what
they use.

One more time for you and other hams with calculators: dBs observed on the
band do not linearly translate to your calculated, softwared, or otherwise
derived "results". 2 - 3 dB in real antenna difference can be seen at the
other end as 5 - 10 dB difference. One thing is to talk about measured dBs on
the antenna range, another is "projected" dBs difference in real life band

We either play by the rules, or lets declare it "cheat all you can" category,
and let the cheaters compete with each other.

 >>Please report us if you find 30 MW PAs or cut and try optimized VE3BU razor
beams, antennas that are known consistently beat a 6 el. KLM by about 10 dB
in real life tests or have a 30 dB gain over a dipole as someone else
calculated under your claims.<<

You can leave my Razors alone, I am not selling them to anyone, and anyone
who tested antennas on the air knows that 2- 3 dB in real difference in gain
between antennas can show up as 5 - 10 dB difference on the band in real
life. If you don't know it, then do some testing and you will "discover"
that. I never claimed 10 dB gain over KLM or 30 dB over dipole. I reported
results of on the air tests, and that's what it was, if you like, believe it
or not. I can care less, I am happy with their performance and results I
achieved running legal power. In WPX last weekend I just used 4 square and 3
el quad on the beach, and in most cases quad was giving me up to 2 S units
advantage, so figure that one out! It can't be so, right?

Reflectorites, I am sorry to drag this around, but I think contesting
community deserves answers. If they cheated, they should admit it, ask to
withdraw records from the tables, shape up and compete like most of us. Let's
keep contesting clean, there is too much pressure from cheaters threatening
to destroy the last sane bastion in ham radio. DXing was devalued by lists,
nets and packet, now contesting is under pressure to "liberalize" the rules.
I think it is better to bring few bad apples out, than let rest of the decent
barrel spoil. The peer pressure is just about all we have.


Yuri, K3BU, NT1E

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