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[CQ-Contest] So2R--try writing a rule separating SO2R

Subject: [CQ-Contest] So2R--try writing a rule separating SO2R
From: w5xd@writelog.com (W. Wright, W5XD)
Date: Sat Jan 25 22:19:56 2003
In my opinion its time to either shut up or do something. So I'd like to see
an advocate of the separate SO2R category post a definition of SO2R IN
WRITING to cq-contest.

Hint: be careful with whether you allow a second RECEIVER into your
single-radio category else you will accomplish the opposite of what you are
trying to do. (That is, if you want to eliminate highly capable multi-radio
stations from this category, letting a second receiver into single-op just
let them back into this category--replace all those tranceivers with
receive-only equivalents and a little hardware switching software and here
they are, right back where you didn't want them and even more dominate than
before the rule change.)

Hint: you're going to have to put dual receive rigs into one category or the
other. What rules are you going to use to do that?

I submit that anyone attempting to write the rules as above ends up with a
"category" that nothing more than a joke. In fact, there is even a RTTY
contest that, in my opinion, has done just that (by limiting band changes by
a single op).

Wayne, W5XD

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