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[CQ-Contest] Battle of the Cheaters

To: "Jim Neiger" <n6tj@sbcglobal.net>, <k-zero-hb@earthlink.net>
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Battle of the Cheaters
From: "Ken Widelitz" <widelitz@gte.net>
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2007 11:16:38 -0800
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
ATTENTION  Jim Neiger   N6TJ  9Y4AA   ZD8Z

The TRUTH is an absolute defense to libel, slander and defamation. So if you
know it to be the TRUTH, you have no fear of any legal ramifications to
anything you post.

Are you REALLY merely concerned with litigation. Like someone from half way
around the world is going to spend lots of money to file a suit in
California over the results of a hobby contest with no prize money at stake.
Right. Who is incredibly uninformed?

If you ask the question "who is cheating and what proof of it do you have?"
that means you do care, not that you don't. Who is incredibly uninformed?

Who is incredibly uninformed? Answer: those of us who contest, do our best
and are not into the "seventh-grade "look at me, I know a secret, and I
might tell your mommy" nonsense" as Hans put it, or are not members of the
infamous "old boys club," as I'll put it. Yeah, I'm incredibly uninformed.
Please inform me!!!

C4M posted the high claimed score in SOABHP last year. See "[3830] 2006 CQWW
CW - Non-USA Final 3830 Claimed Scores" posted January, 15, 2007. At the end
of the results listing in the September, 2007 CQ Magazine is the statement
"Disqualified: C4M (op. RW3QC) Log results deemed incompatible with category
of entry."

So it seems to me, at least for last year, the system "worked." As I look
back the last few years at the CQWW CW SOABHP winner I see 4L5A and CT1BOH
listed. I do not see purported cheaters listed. Perhaps in another

If it is a problem again this year, perhaps it is because those "in the
know" failed to make the DQ proclamation, or the reasons for it, more
publicly known, which might have resulted in peer pressure or embarrassment
curtailing future similar actions.

If there are other stations who "should" have been DQ'd but weren't, again,
perhaps it is because those in the know choose to piss and moan privately to
each other, instead of making the TRUTH publicly available.

So, here is the challenge - PUT UP or SHUT UP!!! Name calls, post proof. If
it is the TRUTH, you have nothing to fear.

As to what can be done, sure, if you are DQ'd in a contest you should be
ineligible for recognition in that contest for 5 years. Sure, have the CQWW
committee have wideband recordings available. Sure, have those wishing for
world recognition submit recordings. No, I don't want an on-site inspector
in my shack. (Let me pick my nose and pee in my bottle in private.) Sure,
make log checking and CQWW committee decisions completely open. No, don't
turn off packet. (I like the casual ops packet brings out and the packet
pile-ups on me.)

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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