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[SD-User] sdi and wine

Subject: [SD-User] sdi and wine
From: Anders Eidenvall <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 23:00:15 +0200
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I am preparing for the summer IOTA-contest and this year I planned to get
rid of the paper logging so I am trying to use SDI under wine on ubuntu 8.10
and 9.04 under wine.

Things seems to be working but the reaction to typing is v e r y slow. It
takes about 3 seconds from the call entry untill the cursor stops at the
serial number entry field. After the ENTER to log the QSO it takes nearly 5
seconds until the QSO shows up in the QSO list and an additional 3 seconds
until the cursor is located in the call entry field again. During all the
time delays, the cursor can be seen jumping around.

I have tried this both on a eeePC 900 MHz and on my stationary Acer. Both
computers react the same. I have also tried both the stable wine release
1.0.1... and the latest development release with the same behavour.

Anyone seen this before or know how to correct it.

73 de SM5EFX, Anders Eidenvall, SF2X on EU135
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