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Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 11:49:16 -1000
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Someone wrote:

> Can any one tell me how to hook up the Ameritron QSK-5 
> stand alone qsk switch to an Omni VI?   

My use is to connect the key/ptt line directly to
the  "Key 1" input of the QSK-5, and the "External T/R" output
on the back of the transceiver is connected to the "Key 2" input of
the QSK-5. I make NO connection to the QSK-5 AUX socket,  
no need (it is sort of an "after the fact" output signal that now the 
QSK-5 switch is activated,  I could not find  a use for it,  hi). 

Why this way--To quote a couple lines from the -5 manual:

" The transceiver MUST have the proper sequencing of the  RF and
QSK output lines.  The transceiver QSK line must pull low BEFORE
RF appears on the output connector and release AFTER the RF
envelope reaches zero to operate with any QSK switch."

Note,  in Ameritron's language,  "QSK line" = the T/R relay
output from your transceiver.

Also,  it seems the Key 1 input jack must go low immediately with
key down as this is what closes the linear amp relays.  A "ground"
input signal to Key 2 is what changes the diode gates from
rcv to xmit,  and THEN AUX is pulled low.

It seems to me to make no sense to wait for AUX to go low to
generate an input signal to Key 1!  Connecting Key 1 directly
to the keyer seems to me to be the correct connection.

Ameritron has also advised some users to just permanently
close the Key 1 jack to ground with a shorting plug.  This
way the relays of the linear are ALWAYS closed,  they
never switch.....so no hot switching possible.  All the
QSK keying then is done via the PIN's within the -5

The thought process I went through to come to the
above method/conclusion for use:

How do you get the transceiver to stop putting out RF 
BEFORE the QSK line goes low???  Using  the QSK line
as the input to Key 2!  Recognize that what Ameritron
is calling the QSK line is the signal from the Omni VI
T/R relay line.

This  keeps the gates set to xmit until the QSK line goes

What connection to/from the transceiver goes immediately low
upon key down and stays down after key up for a time?

The only immediate low on key down is from the key itself.
So,  I have the -5 Key 1 jack "diode connected" to the
keyer output.  Or,  just permanently wire Key 1 to ground
as Ameritron is now suggesting as another way to use.
I am not now doing that;  but am not now using the 
Ameritron unit with my new Orion anyway,  hi.

I connected the Key 2 input jack of the -5 to the T/R Relay
output jack on the back of the Omni VI+.....

Voila!!  Now  everything seems to work as it should.  The
fuse lamps do not flash.  I have gradually increased output
power up to about 1400 watts and no sign of  problem!
Full rcv signal amplitude between CW elements using the
fast QSK setting on the Omni.  

But, I have left the AUX output from the  -5 open,  connected
to nothing.  

My "fix" now is to use my CW st. key as my PTT switch
when operating in the SSB mode,  hi.  Works fine,  and
avoids any possibility of  hot switching somehow using
SSB mode.

Have fun with the QSK-5!

73,  Jim  KH7M

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