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Re: [TenTec] Eagle comparison vs. TS-590S

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Eagle comparison vs. TS-590S
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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 13:24:12 -0500
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The comparison I'm interested in is between the Eagle and the Kenwood TS-590S.  
They are essentially the same price and seem to have similar specs.

 I'm a casual user, sometimes chase DX, do mostly CW and digital modes, and 
like to make contacts during contests but don't go for score.

I currently have a TS-480HX and an Omni V.  The Omni has significant advantages 
on CW (the 270 Hz filter in the Kenwood rings like crazy), and sounds a bit 
better on SSB (I always get compliments on the audio with the Omni, rarely with 
the Kenwood).  Other than that, the differences are the 3 dB in transmit power 
and ergonomics.  Most of the Kenwood hides beneath the desk; the Omni takes up 
about ten times as much space as the Kenwood control head.

I've read the specs on both rigs.  What I don't know is, how would the specs 
affect my operation?  Would I even notice a 3 dB difference in dynamic range, 
for example?

So, sitting at my desk on a Saturday afternoon, just looking to see who's on, 
maybe looking for a new country, which is the better rig?  The Elecraft K3 is a 
bit more expensive, but if there's a comparison to that, I'd also be interested.



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My Eagle has an external RX jack.

For any of us to make a meaningful comparison, I guess you need to specify

what you want to do with the radio.

Casual user?  Contester?  DXer?  CW? SSB? Both?  Fixed?  Portable?  Etc...

The Eagle is every bit as good, actually slightly better of a receiver than

the OM VI+.

I went from an OM VI+ to a K3 to an Eagle in a 6 month time period.

The OR1 is probably a slightly better radio (main RX), and there are many

more adjustments, but that means also more things to mess up.  It's also

questionable if you would ever notice a difference.

In a CW contest, the Eagle might have ever so slight of an advantage because

of its 300 Hz roofing filter, vs. (best case) a 600 Hz Inrad roofing filter

for the OR1.

Of course the OR1 is about 26x bigger than the Eagle - hi.

If you like to play with high quality SSB, you would prefer the OR1.

Again, more adjustments.

Split with the Eagle is not difficult.  

Filters:  well you don't have a lot of choices.  It comes with one and there

are only 2 slots left.  I chose the 1.8 kHz and 300 Hz optional filters

because I want to be able to crank it in tight for contest work.

When not a CW contest weekend, the 1.8 kHz roofing with the DSP at 500 Hz

(or wherever you want) still outperforms most radios on the market.  If

things get rough, just squeeze in to 300 Hz.



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Subject: [TenTec] Eagle comparison

The Eagle has been out for a little while now.

For those of you that have one or had access to one, how would you rate it 

compared to an OmniV or OmniVI? How about an Orion? A used Orion and the 

Eagle would be very similar in price, and yes they are two entirely 

different radios.

I know that it is not meant to replace the OII, and it does not have a rcv 

ant jack, which for me is very important for 160m DXing.

It looks like it would be a great travel radio. How hard is working split? 

How many extra filters do you need?

Just in the thinking stage.

Thanks 73 Paul K9OT 


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