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[TowerTalk] Mosley antennas - Warning: Strong Language

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mosley antennas - Warning: Strong Language
From: (Gary R. Hosler)
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 15:39:27 -0600

I wouldn't give up on your small Mosley as I have two (CL-33 and TA-33jr).
The 33jr is used up at my lake cabin butI have no way to judge it against
other antennas.  The CL-33 however is used at the home QTH and I have
several other antennas to compare it against.  Last Fall the CL-33 was
temporarily fixed at the 67 foot level (where I plan to side mount it this
Spring).  The comparison antennas are a 6 element homebrew monoband yagi on
a 30 foot boom at 115 feet, and a 4 element DX Engineering 20M monobander
(40 foot boom) at 102 feet.  I won't blow smoke at you by saying that the
CL-33 runs with the "big dogs", however it does play very well.  The reason
for using the CL-33 (besides the fact that I happen to have it on hand) is
that I really needed a lower antenna for 10M.  When 10M is really open most
incoming signals arrive at around 9 degrees +/- 3.  This puts them right
between my primary and secondary lobe on the monobander (-20 to -30 dB
down).  I also need an antenna for 15M and 67 feet high is a pretty good
height for 15M.  If time permits I may whip up a 10M/15M dualbander (common
boom) but they can present problems of their own.  The small Mosley won't
compete against the big monobanders but will give surprising performance at
times.  73 & GUD DX

de Gary  W0AW on 02/12/98 02:51:34 PM

cc:    (bcc: Gary R. Hosler/MIPP/Imation)
Subject:  Re: [TowerTalk] Mosley antennas - Warning: Strong Language

While you gentlemen are talking about the LARGE Mosely antennas, nothing
much has been said about the "small" antennas. (like the TA-33).
I have just purchased one & am about to put it on my tower. Hope this was
not a mistake! I had a Cushcraft A3S years ago & thought the performance
was ok.
Bob Avritt CNA, KQ7K
The Collective DX PacketCluster, Great Falls, Montana
Lewis & Clarke Special Event Station W7A
July 1-5, 1998
Northern Rockies Data Group

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