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[TowerTalk] Dayton and Antennas

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Dayton and Antennas
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 11:10:56 -1000

Would appreciate any info about the day,  time,  and room number
of the Antenna Forum at Dayton.  For the first time since 1994 my
son and I will be attending from Kauai. No info yet on the Hamvention
web page about days and times,  etc.  Have last year's posted still.

Am especially interested in the antenna test paper wherein several
antennas are compared "across the bay" with a dipole.

However,  real interest is in getting more info on Force 12 High
Efficiency verticals;  page is still "under construction" at the
Force 12 web site.  Also having a look at the Gladiators,  if to
be there.

Am seriously considering a three band,  at least,  vertical antenna farm
for 80,  40 and 30 out here.  Just a single monoband vertical for each
of the three bands initially.  Looking at the Gladiators as presented on
their web page;  and want to know about the Force 12 verticals as
discussed in Feb and March CQ-Contest used at 6Y4A.

Am convinced my 600 foot leg attempted V-beams are not cutting the
mustard.  Did not get my 8Q7AA on either 80 or 40;  and this morning
I called and called to 9M0C on 40.  He was a great 5x7 to Kauai,  xmtg
on 7080, listening 7085 to 7090,  then just on 7085.  He came back
to many JA's,  CX and HS.  Those stations were very weak (read 2x2
here).  He kept calling CQ right in my face,  even when his signal
came up to nearly 5x9,  and he was only listening on 7085.  I had
the V-beam wires in use on which his signal was strongest,  and
my meters were showing a full 1.5kW out on 7085 when I called.
So something is wrong,  or we had only one way propagation!
Assume he was using a 40 Gladiator vertical against my horizontal
long wires (not sure they were forming any effective gain at all
towards 9M).  Ooops,  just checked Meyers (Gladiator) web site,
they are using 4-squares of Gladiators on 80 and 40 at 9M;  so
maybe I was in a null for them,  still he was strong here.  If you
can hear them,  why can't you work them?

I think my V beam wires are just too low,  even though they cross
a deep ravine.  So perhaps low rad angle verticals are the way
to go.   Might even consider the two vertical array approach used
at 6Y4A,  if I could decide which direction to beam.  Most of the DX world
is North of the East-West line from Kauai.  However,  many in KH6 land
report that long path over the Pacific and up the "back side" of the world
is the best path often!

Anyway,  really looking forward to Dayton,  and in fact,  getting off this
island in any case for the first time to the mainland in 3 years! Wish there
were not a full two weeks between Visalia and Dayton,  had to choose, so
Dayton wins this year (got to Visalia last time in '95).

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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