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[TowerTalk] COAX connector heating

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Subject: [TowerTalk] COAX connector heating
From: (Ron KA4INM Youvan)
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 00:57:27 +0000

> Any "warm" coax in the shack is problematic.
>  It's a symptom of some
> resistance to ground within
> the feedline system and that's not good.
>  That means some of your power is
> being dissipated inside the shack,
> instead of making its way to the antenna.

  I have been waiting for someone to bring up the 
PL-259 connectors.
  If you use them for VHF or UHF or more than 100 
watts you would be ill advised to not solder 
properly through ALL 4 holes.
  I have been making them up for over 38 years
and I use a Weller GT7 gun or a pencil point 
propane torch.
  You must make the solder `in there' flow, 
pre tinning the braid first is a gud thing.
  I have gotten much flames about using a torch,
but I have developed the skills to do it well,
without cooking the connector or coax.  YMMV :)
  I have bought much at hamfests and most PL-259's 
that came on cables etc. were poorly to badly made,
few (or none) were done properly.

  73 (= Best Regards) de: Ron  SENT Time and Date are UTC
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