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Subject: [TowerTalk] Connectors
From: (Gian Luca Cazzola)
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 18:47:37 +0100
I agree that phenolic (brown-yellow insulators) or teflon Amphenol PL259 are
probably the best UHF connectors on the market.
Anyway, after using some old 3 parts-Kings PL259A silver plated (bought from
Surplus Sales of Nebraska) I think that silver plating make easier the
soldering job than with the usual nickel plating, with even better-stronger
soldered joints.
 Also, the faster soldering job reduce the risk of damaging the coaxial
 Does anybody know where in the Usa I can buy Amphenol PL259 silver plated
About the N connectors, I think it is as getting away money to use them on
After some problems with the N cables connecting to my Bird 43, I even
changed the Bird N sockets to Bird UHF females.
Of course, after this change I had no more problems.
Tks es 73

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> A long time ago, I also got "burned" on some bargain PL-
> 259s that I also had bought at a hamfest. The particular
> connectors I had bought had such a narrow gap where
> one solders the braid thru the 4 holes, that one would've
> had to use a soldering gun with the tip filed down to a
> thickness of about 1/16" in order to be able to do the
> soldering.
> Since then, it has been NOTHING but Amphenol conn-
> ectors that I buy. R&L Electronics has very good prices
> on them. I use the Astro-Plate for my HF antennas; no
> silver or gold plated ones. They are the best quality, in
> my opinion. 73 de Brad @ Radio Free Roscoe (IL)
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> > I have a bag of very low melting point "white stuff"
> > insulated PL-259's that I unsuspectingly bought
> > at a Hamfest flea market.  Let the buyer beware!
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> > de Tom  N4KG
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