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Subject: [Towertalk] MFJ 890
From: (Jim Lux)
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 13:58:40 -0700
I've used this software (with a FT-757GX and homebuilt RS232 interface), and it 
works quite nicely.  One mode has a global map that lights up the beacon that's 
currently "hot".

The only tricky part is that your PC has to be properly synchronized (to a few 
tenths of a second) to UTC.  If you have a TAC/GPS interface this is trivial, 
otherwise, a steady hand on the mouse click and a receiver tuned to WWV would 
work.  (I think it would be cool to modify the BeaconSee program to tune to and 
listen to WWV and demodulate the time code and synchronize the PC 

Jim Smith wrote:
> Try
> Works great
> 73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO
> >
> > My memory's good, but awful short, however I seem to remember
> > shareware available on the net somewhere that does basically the same
> > thing. For free.
> >
> > Just my 2 cents.
> >
> > 73 Bruce W1RJ
> >
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