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[Towertalk] Re: Coax Connector Losses - Does anyone know?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Re: Coax Connector Losses - Does anyone know?
From: (David Robbins)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 21:45:47 -0000
First learn to do a real thin smooth tinning job and trim the end of it
fairly smooth so it doesn't hang up on the threads or lip inside the
pl259.  then a SMALL dab of silicone grease on the cut end of the outer
jacket does a good job of lubricating the threads as you screw the body
of the pl259 on to the coax.

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> >You don't pull the shied through the 4 holes. You first tin the
> then
> >install the PL-259. Then you solder the tinned shield through the 4
> so
> >that you have a good electrical connection.
> You know, the problem I often have with this technique is that I
> put the connector barrel on to the RG-213 if there's too much tinning.
> The coax tends to twist and distort, and I can't really grab it with
> pliers without damaging it.
> So, what's the best way to put a PL-259 connector on? How do you hold
> coax still while rotating the connector barrel?
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