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[Towertalk] Rohn 25 Guy Bracket/Torque Arm Question

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Subject: [Towertalk] Rohn 25 Guy Bracket/Torque Arm Question
From: (Jerry Kincade)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 06:34:09 -0500
The "standard" Rohn guy bracket at the midpoint of my R45 does nestle down
against the z-braces so it cannot slip, but the device that the guy wire
attaches to resembles a single giant chain link, and are only about 4" long
or so. They are not "flat steel pieces about a foot long" as described. Mine
is an actual guy bracket, not a torque arm assembly. I understand torque
arms were not available for several years because of their questionable
benefit, but have been reintroduced by Rohn in response to popular ham
demand, so the confusion might just be in terminology. Sounds like he has an
early version of R25 Torque Arms instead of a guy bracket. In any case, I
certainly agree it would make sense that it fit down against the cross
braces in such a manner as to prevent slipping down, no matter what.
73, Jerry W5KP

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Subject: [Towertalk] Rohn 25 Guy Bracket/Torque Arm Question

> That bracket sounds like a standard Rohn bracket. When installed
> it should nestle in the Z-braces and not have any room to slip down.
> Mike N2MG
> NA9D wrote:
> > One thing I noticed was that the guy bracket had literally slipped
> > downward slightly on one of the guys.  I thought I had gotten it
> > tight, but apparently that was not the case.
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