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[Towertalk] Rohn 25 Guy Bracket/Torque Arm Question

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Subject: [Towertalk] Rohn 25 Guy Bracket/Torque Arm Question
From: (Mike Gilmer, N2MG)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 09:36:39 -0300
Simple answer: Yes.

Without seeing what you actually have done, I would guess that the guy bracket 
would continue to creep down the tower.

Discussing torque arm assemblies vs. guy bracket assemblies is a red herring.  
Both use (pretty much) the same brackets around the tower - the bracket must 
nestle in the z-braces.

Mike N2MG

The following message was sent by Jon Ogden <> on Wed, 18 Sep 
2002 06:57:20 -0500.

> I just went and took a quick look at the tower.  The assembly is not resting
> on a horizontal step of the Z-truss.  I don't know how we missed that.  It
> sure makes sense.
> So....does it need to be fixed?  That's the BIG question here.
> 73,
> Jon
> NA9D
> on 9/18/02 6:34 AM, Jerry Kincade at wrote:
> > The "standard" Rohn guy bracket at the midpoint of my R45 does nestle down
> > against the z-braces so it cannot slip, but the device that the guy wire
> > attaches to resembles a single giant chain link, and are only about 4" long
> > or so. They are not "flat steel pieces about a foot long" as described. Mine
> > is an actual guy bracket, not a torque arm assembly. I understand torque
> > arms were not available for several years because of their questionable
> > benefit, but have been reintroduced by Rohn in response to popular ham
> > demand, so the confusion might just be in terminology. Sounds like he has an
> > early version of R25 Torque Arms instead of a guy bracket. In any case, I
> > certainly agree it would make sense that it fit down against the cross
> > braces in such a manner as to prevent slipping down, no matter what.
> > 73, Jerry W5KP

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