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From: (Tom Sykes)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 21:48:47 +0000
I'm in the process of installing guy wires on Rohn 25.  This is my first 
experience using Big Grips.  Best thing since sliced bread!

My first question is whether it's really necessary to install some sort of 
holding device over the ends of the big grip, and if so, what?  I know that 
they make a special cone shaped device for this purpose, because the used 
guys I purchased had them installed.  I removed some of them and re-used 
them, they work great.  I read some TowerTalk archives that suggested using 
tie wraps for this purpose.  I tried that but the tie wraps slip right off.  
Is it OK to use scotch 33 or 88 tape for this purpose (with or without tie 
wraps underneath?)  I cannot imagine a scenario that would cause the big 
grip to  become detached, at least not in the mild climate here in western 

Second question:  I purchased guy insulators from Texas Towers.  I did not 
specify the size when I made the purchase and they didn't ask the question 
so I assumed there was just one standard size.  The insulators are much 
smaller than expected.  (For that price, I was expecting them to be the size 
of an ostrich egg!).   The insulators are too small for the big grips, as 
evidenced by the fact that the insulator slips out of position.  I tried to 
keep the guy wire pulled tight enough to hold the insulators in position but 
after installing the first set of guy wires to the anchors, I noticed that 
some of the insulators were offset a bit (i.e. the guy wire is not resting 
in the insulator groove as it should).  I am concerned that the insulators 
could break.  I suppose that would not be a catastrophic failure because the 
two thimbles would still be holding the guy wire if the insulator broke.  
What are your opinions regarding the use of small insulators?  Is there a 
technique for holding the insulators in position during the installation 
stage? (Have I discovered yet another use for duct tape?)

Thanks and 73,

Tom, NU7J

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