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Re: Re: [TowerTalk] K6STI YO / AO Programs?

To: "Gary R." <>
Subject: Re: Re: [TowerTalk] K6STI YO / AO Programs?
From: "Barrie Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 15:06:56 -0700
List-post: <>
My experience with Brian was similarily poor, which is odd, because I've
spoken with him on 6M many times and always found him quite nice there.

I called him on the phone regarding the problem that YO would not print to
my printer.

We spent some time on the phone, but we never got around to talking about
the YO problem.  Instead, he was very upset that my phone sounded bad to
him.  He thought it was "overmodulating".

He told me to call back when I got my phone fixed.

I didn't call to talk, just listen.

73, Barrie, W7ALW


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