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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 19:54:13 -0000
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As I recall Force 12 shipped a bunch of C4XL's with wrong 15m driven
elements due to a laser printer mis-printing a dimension on the drawing.

Of course to get this information you have to call and if they won't answer
the phone or return your call.....

I obtained a WARC-7 antenna from a friend that could not get it to show any
front to back on 30m.  Another friend suggested I find the frequency that it
did have f/b and go from there.  I found 12 dB f/b at 9.5 MHz, moved the
shorting bars on the reflector 8" toward the boom and now it has 12 dB f/b
at 10.1 MHz.

I think what I am trying to say is, all antennas work - you just gotta find
out where they work best for you and go from there.

de Paul, W8AEF

Seriously,  has anyone had difficulty with their 3 band matching system,
operating on 15m?   There is a C4XL which we finally gave up on after two
years and put in three separate feedlines.   Then, we gave up on that and
replaced it with an optibeam.   Works great.

At V26DX, there's a C3 with a 40m kit on it....well, it HAD one.  It never
tuned, either, and we finally gave up on it.   Seemed to tune ok on 20-10,
and had
reasonable f/b.  

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