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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Phillystran Guy Design
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 08:42:13 EST
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In a message dated 12/21/2006 10:41:35 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

>  Thanks to all for your feedback, both on- and  off-list.  I have traced the
practice of using a short EHS leader at  the tower back to the original
method of attaching the Phillystran to a  thimble.

    The easiest way to attach any termination to  something is to use a 
clevis (also called a shackle). It'll handle  back-to-back 
with no problem. 
    I can't think of a reason to use steel cable at  the top of the tower 
before the Phillystran part of the guy.  

>  In the early days there were no Big Grips, so the Philly  was terminated
using four cable clamps.  These clamps created a  potential snag point for
ropes used to haul items up the tower.  Now  that Big Grips are available,
the need for this leader has been  eliminated.

         In the early days was  the original Phillystran that used potted end 
terminations. The current stuff  has a softer PVC jacket that is primarily 
for UV and abrasion resistance. There  was a couple of year timespan before 
Preformed grips were available so the only  termination available was cable 
clamps. The reason they're not recommended now  is that the amarmid fibers of 
Phillystran would cold flow from the  compression of the clamps, creating a 
than optimal and potentially  problematic termination. 
        There are also little  aluminum caps available that go over the end 
of the bottom grips (facing up the  guy). They are supposed to prevent ice 
that's sliding down the Phillystran from  unwinding the grips. I've seen tie 
used for the same reason although they  could get ripped off in extreme ice 
Steve     K7LXC
Professional tower services for  hams

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