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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tashjian Towers
From: Richards <>
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2008 05:27:29 +0000
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Hmmm... Interesting take.

Parenthetically, I was just wondering if the guy was on the payroll
or not, and thinking I might spot the guy wider latitude and allow for
a longer delay if he was working gratis, like during the initial research
phase pf a project, but expect more prompt service if he was already
on  the payroll.

But your point is an interesting consideration on its own.

THANKS   =====  Richards - K8JHR  =====


jimlux wrote:
>> Lou Laderman wrote:
>>> concerned that even once I finally get an answer I won't be able to get
>>> stamped plans needed to get a building permit for a long time.
> In California, work done by a PE (working as a PE.. if someone wants you 
> to cut their grass or dig a ditch, that's different) has to be with a 
> written contract. The contract has to contain some specific things 
> (description of the work, schedule, rate, etc.).  If you someone asks 
> you to do something on the phone, that's typically not something you 
> could charge for.  If there's an issue of non-performance, there's a 
> variety of remedies (aside from the obvious lawsuit).  I'm not sure if 
> an email exchange would meet the requirements of the law as far as 
> "written contract"
> (obviously, there are some details, exceptions, etc.. but that's it in 
> broad strokes)
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