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To: "Dubovsky, George" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Reply - KW3000 with 1/2 inch Drill Motor - Wrongassumption in responses
From: jimlux <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 19:17:26 -0700
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Dubovsky, George wrote:
> You will still lose torque with a pwm light dimmer. You will need something 
> like an variable speed drive, where you vary the drive frequency and voltage 
> simultaneously, essentially synthesizing a complete sine wave at an 
> adjustable frequency. I use them on three-phase motors on my lathe and mill, 
> but they are also available for single-phase motors. Not cheap, but less than 
> the Hole Hawg ;-)
> 73,

I noticed in one of the trade rags recently (I can't recall which) that 
you can get single phase in, 3 phase out, variable frequency drives for 
small motors in the $100 range.  They're not the totally fancy vector 
drives that use the backemf to measure torque and stuff, just a straight 
V/Hz sort of drive, but still.. pretty nifty.

I would think, though, that the HoleHawg is a standard brushed universal 
motor.. a light dimmer type control might work fairly well.. It's just 
going to be highly nonlinear, and the triggering erratic UNLESS you put 
a resistive load in parallel with the motor. Something like a 25W-100W 
light bulb works well.  The problem with driving an inductive load is 
that the RC/diac phase control scheme for the triac doesn't switch very 
well because the load current and voltage are out of phase.

If you have a phase control dimmer that uses two back to back SCRs, 
rather than a triac, it will also work better.

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