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[AMPS] Tuned Input

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Subject: [AMPS] Tuned Input
From: (John Simmons)
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 16:56:21 -0400
I am new to this so hopefuly  I can pose a intelegent question  that
some kind of answer.   Sence the thread seems to be running long the
line of input matching I thought now would be a good time to pose this
question.    I have recentley become intrested in trying  to building a
HF amp using the russian gs-35b.  I have been told that the tube
charistics are similar to the  3cx1500 (8877).     Based on the Arrl
hand book  (76) construction artical the 8877 is quoted as having a
chatode impedence fo 54 ohns.  I have not seen any Information on the
GS-35b  that flatley states the chathode  impedence  for this tube is
X.   I have looked through the handbook  to see if I could find a
formula to calculate  the input impedence based on  bias  operating
point or something similar to the formulas used to estimate the  plate
load  resistance.   It would seem to me that there should  be some kind
of relationship between bias , gain , drive level , input capitance or
something which would give a clue as to where to estimat the input
restistamce.    I know that  one of Wing field  programs gives a set of
numbers for use of  a pi input network on  based on the expexted cathode
resistance of  a triode.

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