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Subject: [AMPS] Tuned Input
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Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 08:47:04 EDT
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>  I have recentley become intrested in trying  to building a
>  HF amp using the russian gs-35b.  I have been told that the tube
>  charistics are similar to the  3cx1500 (8877).     Based on the Arrl
>  hand book  (76) construction artical the 8877 is quoted as having a
>  chatode impedence fo 54 ohns.  I have not seen any Information on the
>  GS-35b  that flatley states the chathode  impedence  for this tube is
>  X.   I have looked through the handbook  to see if I could find a
>  formula to calculate  the input impedence based on  bias  operating
>  point or something similar to the formulas used to estimate the  plate
>  load  resistance.   
Please see below: Tony has the data.

Subj:    [ForSale-Swap] Complete Data Sheet On The Russian Tubes !
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Date:   01/16/2000 11:33:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (UT7CT --> Anton Koval)
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    It took me a lot of time to compile the Complete Data Sheet On The Most
Popular Russian Tubes. The data can be found on my site at  (PA Tubes). The featured tubes are:
    G series: G-811
    GI series: GI-6B, GI-7B (70BT)
    GS series: GS-23B (4CX1600), GS-31B, GS-35B (8877 ?), GS-36B (4CX400A)
    GU series: GU-34B, GU-43B (4CX1000A), GU-74B (4CX800A), GU-78B, GU-84B,
    The information includes the complete mechanical and electrical data on
those tubes as well as graphic charts.
    Please, do not forget that the mentioned tubes are available from me at
a very competitve price.

    Regards, Anton Koval, UT7CT

Dave, WT8R

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