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[AMPS] High Voltage Power Supply, Voltage Doubler Question ???

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Subject: [AMPS] High Voltage Power Supply, Voltage Doubler Question ???
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 11:34:43 -0400
> This one is for the High Voltage Power Supply Guru's. I have a transformer
> thats secondary is 1100 volts.Theoretically a full wave doubler would give
> me 2.8x equaling 3080 volts. Is this the real voltage that I will see? 

With no load, probably.

> transformer by the way is rated at 750 mils DC., 1100 and 1300 volt taps.
> The reason I need to know is I hoped to feed 4-572B tubes with it. Most
> specs on the 572B call for a maximum of 2700 volts, with the average being
> 2500 to 2600 volts. Can I use the theoretical 3080 in hopes that it really
> won't be that high or am I asking for trouble?  Any suggestions short of a
> variac would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.  

First, the transformers peak current is much higher in a capacitor 
input supply than in a choke input supply. That means you must 
have overkill on the winding wire sizes, or voltage regulation will be 

Second, in a full wave doubler everything is twice as bad. The 
current peak is at least twice as high as in the standard full-wave 

Third, the transformer you have is designed for .75 amps times the 
dc voltage with the rectifier system they expected. The transformer 
probably has less-than-a-kilowatt transformer core rating. Probably 
OK if you plan on running about a kilowatt or so INPUT in the 
rectifier configuration they planned on. 

Fourth, watch what 572B's you buy. The Russian 572B's are lousy 
for voltage breakdown and out-gassing. That's the last tube you 
ever want to run near the HV upper limit under no-load or light-load 
operating conditions.

Some Chinese tubes are good, as are the Cetron 572's.

73, Tom W8JI

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