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[AMPS] resistors

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Subject: [AMPS] resistors
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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 12:09:59 EDT
We all know of wattage ratings for resistors - I'm interested in specs on the 
voltage ratings of large resistors.  2 watt carbon resistors and 1 watt 
carbon film resistors are rated at 500 volts.  I presume that is to limit the 
voltage gradient or stress across the resistor so that it doesnt act as a 
fuse or firecracker.  What about large resistors often used as bleeders on hv 
power supplies?  I use 200 watt resistors in series and have never had any 
problems.  I assume they can stand hv due to their long length, about 10" 
long, to spread out the voltage gradient.  Does anyone have any specs on 
their actual voltage rating? 73 Bob W7LR

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