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[AMPS] Triton - Glass tubes ??

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Subject: [AMPS] Triton - Glass tubes ??
From: (William Fuqua)
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 19:29:42 -0400
At 09:21 PM 4/27/01 -0700, measures wrote:

> >
> >I have yet to see a good 4PR1000A from Triton.
>What were some of the problems?
> >I suggest you get the AMPEREX brand tubes they are still made by
> >Covimag.
>The bad news is that Eddie Richard$on is The U. S. distributor of Amperex
>tubes.  .

     Gassy..some actually breaks down at 4 or 5 KV and  low emission.
    Yes, Richardson is the distributor for Triton, Amperex, and Eimac.
You can buy from dealers but they have to buy from Richardson at whole sell 
Covimag (Amperex) and Eimac should reconsider their deal with Richardson.
The Amperex 4-1000A is quite impressive. Large graphite anode. A very 
strong supporting
structure for the anode. Other brands have a habit of getting bent out of 
alignment if the box is dropped.
  However with a little practice you can bump them back into position.
     One other thing about the Amperex 4-1000A's. The graphite anodes have 
a large thermal mass and you should
leave the blower on the tube for several  minutes after shut down.

Bill wa4lav

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