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[AMPS] Triton - Glass tubes ??

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Subject: [AMPS] Triton - Glass tubes ??
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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 07:12:53 -0700
>> >>> Yes, Richardson is the distributor for Triton, Amperex, and Eimac.
>I purchased two Amperex 3500-Zs from QRO Technologies to replace some 
>Chinese 3500Zs in my HF-2000 amp. One of the Chinese tubes went bad 
>after about 4 years.
>Just under a year, one of the Amperex tubes went bad. It would draw grid 
>current intermittently with no drive. I swapped tubes in the sockets and 
>see it was isolated to one of the tubes. I put the Chinese spare in and the 
>amp runs fine.
>QRO purchased the Amperex tubes from Richardson. I delivered  the 
>defective tube to Richardson on Jan 17. It has now been almost 15 weeks 
>and they have not declared the tube defective and replaced it. They say they 
>are waiting for their vendor to test the tube. I have contacted Richardson 
>about 10 times asking what is the status. It is always the same -- we sent a 
>message to Amperex and have no word.

? Ask that  your tube be returned to you and I will test it at no charge. 
>Richardson is willing to send a new tube only if they can bill someone if 
>tube is declared good by Amperex.
? Why would Richardson replace a good tube?

>I have no problem with someone testing the tube. I am certain it was bad. So 
>far Richardson reps have been pleasant, but brought nothing to a conclusion. 
>I am open to suggestions about how to get them to send me a replacement.
?  Paul  - Did either one of the "bad" tubes exhibit a grid-filament 
short when hot.?
The only way to discover such a problem is with a high-pot. breakdown 


-  Rich..., 805.386.3734,  

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