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Yes Gary,

I agree,. Which is why the English 240V 13amp plug has a replaceable fuse 
built into the plug to protect the individual appliance.

Mark N1UK

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I disagree. The nec is only concerned about the wire between the breaker and
outlet being protected. You can readily plug in a computer for example that
has only #18 wire in its power cord. Surely the 20 amp breaker in the power
panel is not expected to protect that #18 computer cord.
If they were concerned about anything further they would require a smaller
fuse at the outlet where the computer was plugged into or require #12 power
cord to the computer.

Gary  K4FMX

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> No, the fuse is to protect people. That means protecting the wiring,
> device, and appliance to avoid fires. The rated current of an item is not
> necessarily the size of the required overcurrent protection.
> The example does not demonstrate undersized wiring. It demonstrates too
> few circuits. As stated earlier, you can use one large circuit to feed
> them all, provided you install the smaller protection where you tap off to
> feed the loads, but this is not the common way of circuiting. This method
> is normally used where it's not feasible, or desirable to run individual
> circuits.
> Jim Smith, EE
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> Quoting Paul Christensen <>:
> In vk land the reason for the fuse is to protect the WIRING not the
> device as per u could have 3 devices on one circuit say each @ 5 amps
> es ur c/breaker is rated at 15Amps just ok for ur wiring "but" say u
> have 3 devices @ 10Amp 0Amps then your wiring is under rated..if ur
> using 15Amp rated wiring for that circuit!!
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