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Re: [Amps] Silk screen alternatives

Subject: Re: [Amps] Silk screen alternatives
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 16:44:04 EST
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Hi Morrie,
I've used 2 different approaches to panel labeling with recent  projects.
The easiest is to simply use something like a Brother labelmaker, and this  
works fine where you don't need anything graphically interesting. I use 
clear  tape, and it stays pretty clear over a painted panel.
For small projects, I've made some pretty snazzy looking panels by setting  
the panel up in MS Excel. I use the program to make sure everything is 
nicely  centered, add background colors as needed, even give myself drilling  
markers.  Once I've produced the Excel spreadsheet on the computer, I print  
out a copy WITHOUT the cell lines visible, and make sure all the pieces 
actually  fit (measure twice, cut once...).  Once I'm satisfied with the 
I  print a final copy in color, take it to my local copy shop and have it  
laminated, cut it to size, and use spray adhesive to glue it in place. Then I 
 can drill the panel as needed and have all the holes line up properly. The 
 only limitation here is that it works only for panels smaller than 8.5 x 
11", or  in extreme cases, 11 x 17". Still, if you have access to a color 
printer  and laminator that work at 11 x 17, that will cover all but the  
mounting slots of most rack panels.
Steve  Gilbert

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The biggest problem that I find is getting suitable  ,good looking decals 
the front panel.Silk screening for a one off  project is not 
economical.Letraset nah.I would like to know what other  constructors  use?

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