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Re: [Amps] Value? (PART TWO)

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Value? (PART TWO)
From: Colin Lamb <>
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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 10:57:59 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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Asking how much something is worth is an invitation to all sorts of responses, 
and the wide response you got is reasonably expected.  

If you want to know the price, sell them on eBay.  From day to day, the same 
item varies substantially in price.  My son sells on eBay.  Often, an item does 
not sell.  He then raises the price to a buy it now for twice what the minimum 
bid was and sells it instantly.  What was the value.

I did not suggest any prices, nor make any offers.  If I saw some of the items 
at a swap meet, I would make a low ball offer, because I have some use for them 
but have other spares, so they are worth little to me.  Sometimes the seller 
accepts.  If he does not want to exchange prices, then he can set the price.  A 
number of years ago, it was the end of a swap meet and I noted a Collins 75S-3C 
all dusty, sitting under the table.  I put it on the table and asked the seller 
what he wanted for it.  His reply was that I did not want it because it did not 
work.  I accepted that and then again asked how much he wanted for it.  He told 
me I could not fix it, which was an insult to me.  I then asked him how much he 
wanted for the scrap.  He said make me an offer.  I said $35.  He accepted.  As 
I was walking out, I thought to myself that I could have bought it for $20 and 
overpaid.  Got home and found one tab of the dial pilot light was shorted to 
the chassis.  So, what was it worth.

At many swap meets, I seed "dealers" go home with the same stuff year after 
year, because they want more than the sellers want to pay.  

What is it worth.  Only what a buyer is willing to pay for it.  And, some 
buyers need it less than others.  You do not have to sell, but when you ask how 
much it is worth, the presumption is that you want to sell it.  If the offer is 
not good enough, sell it elsewhere.

And, remember, that half the hams here have accumulated most of their amps for 
free or very little.  Some have broadcast transmitters that they hauled away, 
paying nothing.  So, how much is it worth?  

Good luck, but you cannot be sensitive if you make a post like that.

73,  Colin Lamb  K7FM
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