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Re: [Amps] Value? (PART TWO)

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Value? (PART TWO)
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Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 22:23:14 +0100
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On 07/15/11 09:41 PM, DAVE WHITE wrote:
> "But don't try to switch a ringer, my stuff is marked."
> Most Ham Radio sales and trades are done on a basis of trust and mutual
> respect.  Most of us on this list know each other and - despite the odd
> outbreaks of what could only be described as "handbags at two paces" - we
> all respect each other.
> I think by your message above you've indicated that N2KW opts out of this
> trust and mutual respect?
> Dave G0OIL

I've had a couple of deals go wrong with hams. In both cases it was not 
deliberate deception, but stupidity on the result of a ham advertising 
as X, then sending me Y.

1) I bought some diodes advertised as 25 kV, but it turned out they were 3-7 kV 
(depending on what rating you took). The ham in question decided they were 25 
as they looked similar to another part from a catalog with a totally different 
part number, and probably not the same manufacturer!

That got quite nasty, with the result I lost money in bank charges, the other 
ham lost his diodes and eventually, several years later, I gave one diode to a 
PhD student and put the other three in the bin as I had no use for them.

2) I won an auction for an HP 10811A oscillator on eBay. The ham tells me he 
another HP model if I want that instead. I checked the specs, found the other 
model was of lower spec, so said I wanted what I'd won in the auction. With 
that, he sends me the other device anyway, despite me making it clear I did not 
want it, but wanted the device I'd won on the auction.

In both cases these were international sales, where shipping costs were 

So whilst I'm not suggesting any particular ham can't be trusted, I have become 
weary of people advertising something a bit different to what they have.

I think a bit of "healthy skepticism" is in order when ordering things from 

I'm also aware of some scams recently by an individual claiming to be VE3XAX, 
using the email VE3XAX@BLUMAIL.ORG. The fake VE3XAX contacted me after I put a 
"wanted" ad for a Kenwood AT-230 ATU. I soon became suspicious, so looked up 
real VE3XAX, found his web page

then contacted him by his yahoo email. He confirmed he had nothing to sell, and 
it was a scam.

Caveat emptor

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