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Re: [Amps] Value? (PART TWO)

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Value? (PART TWO)
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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 14:30:37 -0400
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Since you expect your version of a "fair to you" price for unknown used 
tubes to be 1/2 of NOS RETAIL (as stated in an email) you might as well put 
them back in the attic.

To expect a buyer to have to do your testing and chance damaging HIS 
equipment and still have to pay an outlandish price isnt fair to him.

The purpose of this forum is hams helping hams, not someone joining strictly 
to troll for values so they can be maximized on Fleabay.


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Subject: [Amps] Value? (PART TWO)

>I guess I'm not as good a communicator as I thought?
> I found all of these Hi-Power parts in my attic, and asked what they were 
> worth///
> (or at least, that was what I meant!)
> It is gratifying to know the 5-500s were so popular in broadcast gear, 
> Collins AM, and some FM transmitters.  But everyone who wrote asked me 
> what I want for them.  I haven't a clue.  I was asking what they are 
> worth.  I received inquiries about all three tube-types, duplicates on the 
> pentodes, but NOBODY made an offer, everyone asked "how much do you want?" 
> (5-500, 4cx1500b, 4-1000)
> I believe there is a  4cx-1000, some 4cx-350's, 4cx-250R and 4cx-250b. 
> All of these are used.  The 4CX-1500b's (2) are NOS.  The 5-500s must be 
> pulls.
> I don't want to play the hondling dance.  "How much?"  "That's TOO much, 
> I'll give you (less)"  I guess some people don't realize how obnoxious 
> that can be.  My simple question is "What are these things worth?"  If 
> what I sell is anything less than 100%, send it back.  But don't try to 
> switch a ringer, my stuff is marked.
> Maybe i should look at recent sales on e-bay?  Or try to buy one from a 
> supplier?  I thought I could just ask here, but so far, self-interest has 
> completely eclipsed interest in the group.
> Allen - N2KW
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