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[Amps] Value? (PART TWO)

Subject: [Amps] Value? (PART TWO)
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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 17:16:50 GMT
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I guess I'm not as good a communicator as I thought?
I found all of these Hi-Power parts in my attic, and asked what they were 
(or at least, that was what I meant!)
It is gratifying to know the 5-500s were so popular in broadcast gear, Collins 
AM, and some FM transmitters.  But everyone who wrote asked me what I want for 
them.  I haven't a clue.  I was asking what they are worth.  I received 
inquiries about all three tube-types, duplicates on the pentodes, but NOBODY 
made an offer, everyone asked "how much do you want?"  (5-500, 4cx1500b, 4-1000)
I believe there is a  4cx-1000, some 4cx-350's, 4cx-250R and 4cx-250b.  All of 
these are used.  The 4CX-1500b's (2) are NOS.  The 5-500s must be pulls.
I don't want to play the hondling dance.  "How much?"  "That's TOO much, I'll 
give you (less)"  I guess some people don't realize how obnoxious that can be.  
My simple question is "What are these things worth?"  If what I sell is 
anything less than 100%, send it back.  But don't try to switch a ringer, my 
stuff is marked.
Maybe i should look at recent sales on e-bay?  Or try to buy one from a 
supplier?  I thought I could just ask here, but so far, self-interest has 
completely eclipsed interest in the group.
Allen - N2KW
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