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Subject: Re: [Amps] Value, part 3 (final)
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Dont let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. Maybe you could give us 
your Fleabay listing name so we can watch and get a good laugh.

You are a typical Brooklyn stereotype.

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Subject: [Amps] Value, part 3 (final)

> This has been a unique experience.
> I tried to find the value of some of my accumulation, but with a SINGLE 
> exception, my replies were from folks who wanted to take advantage of my 
> ignorance,
> I called "RF Parts" and got prices from them on new, NOS, and "pulls."
> If I priced my stuff at HALF the value of their "pulls" could just 
> add a zero at the end of my "offers."  The replies that I received seem to 
> come from those who value price above all seems to be OK with 
> them, if the stuff doesn't work, as long as "the price is right."
> For example...4-1000A - New (Triton) $1095 ....Used (pulls) Eimac $475
> My best offer for a 4-1000A?  $25 ....(I wonder what RF Parts paid for 
> their "pulls?")
> 4CX1500B - (Taylor) $579      Eimac $1795 ...1980's NOS $940  1990's NOS 
> $1095
> My best offer for a 4CX1500B?  $125
> If I had a 30S-1, and could buy a spare final for $125, hell for $250, I 
> would feel pretty good about it.  If my final gave up the ghost, and I 
> NEEDED one, I would be happy to pay 3 or 400 bucks, and chuckle about how 
> much I saved.
> Several of the replies indicared that they were buying something, whose 
> condition was unknown, despite my stated inclination to refund the 
> purchase price of anything not 100%.
> Except for a single, genuine reply, all of the others put self-interest 
> above fairness.
> I really got roasted about "marking" my stuff, so a ringer didn't get 
> returned (like hams would never do such a thing.)  I may have been born at 
> night, but it wasn't last night.  Many folks said they would never buy 
> from me ....I can be thankful for that!  What they are REALLY sore about, 
> is that they couldn't take advantage of my ignorance.  Nice folks.
> I will have to sell my stuff to someone who actually needs it, not someone 
> who thinks it would make a good addition to their stash, as long as the 
> price is right.  That means E L S E W H E R E.
> This board is not a swapmeet.  I started out asking what these things were 
> worth, and got a barrage of e-mails asking how much I wanted for 
> (fillintheblank.)  When I clarified that I needed to know the current 
> value, I got lowball offers.  I did not come here to sell.  I came here 
> for information.  What I got was a bunch of self-interest.
> 73, Allen - N2KW (OUT)
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