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Subject: Re: [Amps] Value, part 3 (final)
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Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 15:36:14 +0100
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"I really got roasted about "marking" my stuff, so a ringer didn't get 
returned ....  I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night.  "

You STILL don't get this trust and mutual respect thing, do you Allen?

Do you think I roasted you about such a statement OUT OF SELF INTEREST??? 
really?  What did I have to gain out of that?

I've been ripped off in the past, but I'd much sooner that happen once in a 
while than allowing myself turned into a defensive cynic who trusts no-one.

As a number have said, it's extremely hard to price stuff these days.  It 
all depends on the audience and who you are.  List your stuff on ebay and it 
will go for what it's worth at that point in time.  If you want to list as 
BIN at the prices you've indicated then go ahead.  You might strike lucky.

Goodbye, good luck and please close the door when you leave so as to keep 
the squirrels and field mice out.

Dave G0OIL

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Subject: [Amps] Value, part 3 (final)

> This has been a unique experience.
> I tried to find the value of some of my accumulation, but with a SINGLE 
> exception, my replies were from folks who wanted to take advantage of my 
> ignorance,
> I called "RF Parts" and got prices from them on new, NOS, and "pulls."
> If I priced my stuff at HALF the value of their "pulls" could just 
> add a zero at the end of my "offers."  The replies that I received seem to 
> come from those who value price above all seems to be OK with 
> them, if the stuff doesn't work, as long as "the price is right."
> For example...4-1000A - New (Triton) $1095 ....Used (pulls) Eimac $475
> My best offer for a 4-1000A?  $25 ....(I wonder what RF Parts paid for 
> their "pulls?")
> 4CX1500B - (Taylor) $579      Eimac $1795 ...1980's NOS $940  1990's NOS 
> $1095
> My best offer for a 4CX1500B?  $125
> If I had a 30S-1, and could buy a spare final for $125, hell for $250, I 
> would feel pretty good about it.  If my final gave up the ghost, and I 
> NEEDED one, I would be happy to pay 3 or 400 bucks, and chuckle about how 
> much I saved.
> Several of the replies indicared that they were buying something, whose 
> condition was unknown, despite my stated inclination to refund the 
> purchase price of anything not 100%.
> Except for a single, genuine reply, all of the others put self-interest 
> above fairness.
> I really got roasted about "marking" my stuff, so a ringer didn't get 
> returned (like hams would never do such a thing.)  I may have been born at 
> night, but it wasn't last night.  Many folks said they would never buy 
> from me ....I can be thankful for that!  What they are REALLY sore about, 
> is that they couldn't take advantage of my ignorance.  Nice folks.
> I will have to sell my stuff to someone who actually needs it, not someone 
> who thinks it would make a good addition to their stash, as long as the 
> price is right.  That means E L S E W H E R E.
> This board is not a swapmeet.  I started out asking what these things were 
> worth, and got a barrage of e-mails asking how much I wanted for 
> (fillintheblank.)  When I clarified that I needed to know the current 
> value, I got lowball offers.  I did not come here to sell.  I came here 
> for information.  What I got was a bunch of self-interest.
> 73, Allen - N2KW (OUT)
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