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[Amps] Value, part 3 (final)

Subject: [Amps] Value, part 3 (final)
From: John Lyles <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 16:30:47 -0600
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Seeing what transpired, I can only say that those best offers weren't so 
far off the mark for used old tubes. The 4-1000A seems low-balled, as 
they are kind of rare now and there are a few HB or BCB rigs that use 
them. Somewhere around $100 seems fair for a tested one. The 4CX1500B 
offer doesn't seem out of line at all, for these tubes, pulls and used.


On 7/16/11 7:38 AM, Allen - N2KW wrote:
> My best offer for a 4-1000A?  $25 ....(I wonder what RF Parts paid for
>>  their "pulls?")
>>  4CX1500B - (Taylor) $579      Eimac $1795 ...1980's NOS $940  1990's NOS
>>  $1095
>>  My best offer for a 4CX1500B?  $125

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