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SSB IMD goes up rapidly above 300W per tube even with simplistic screen regulation. Be a good neighbor on the bands with those rather aged and obsolete designs (1947) that predate widespread SSB use.

Collins rated their 1960 AN/URC-32 at 500W with a pair of lower IMD 4CX250R's at 2000V while Eimac rated them to 2500V with poor IMD specs. Those transceivers, at 6' tall, ran fine without clobbering other close channel USN users.


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Subject: [Amps] Old Moto RF Decks

I have some of the old Motorola (Micor?) RF decks. I have both the VHF & UHF types. The 2 meter is running a pair of the 8560A tubes. I can't recall the single tube in the UHF decks.

The question being is there any market for these things now-a-days? I had intended to build up a PS for them eventually. But, got hooked on playing with SSHPAs.


Hi Paul and the group,

I have several of the single tube (high 2m band), dual tube (high 2m band), dual tube (6m band) RF decks. I created a PS to power the RF decks and converted a couple of the single tube and dual tube units to 2 meters. The dual tube units put out about 750 Watts with about 5 watts drive. The single tube units will get you about 400 Watts with 3 Watts drive. I had a UHF unit (single tube), but used it for spare parts to fix others.

I liked the fact that I could run 700+ watts on 2m SSB with no fan noise. Just built it into a rack with the heat sinks sticking out the back...

Tubes are by far the hardest to get a hold of now, for me at least. Maybe I'm too cheap......

John Kinney
Tempe, Arizona

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