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[Amps] Tube Amps and AM

Subject: [Amps] Tube Amps and AM
From: Steve Wright <>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 07:48:47 +1300
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On 24/11/15 06:00, Ray, W4BYG" <> wrote:
I have never tried it on AM, but I would suspect you would have to keep
the output power somewhat below about 25% of what it is rated for (about
125 watts or so), if you were going to try it on AM. That would likely
require input drive around 12 watts from your exciter.

If you try it, initially be real sensitive of the heat build up while
operating, especially if  [snip]

I have a TL-922A and I run a TS-2000 into on AM - all knobs to the right on 40M!

I'm not joking at all!  Power - full.  Mic gain - full. Processor - on.

Say what you like, but on the air it sounds fantastic, as long as you don't yell into it or else it gets a little overbearing, but never an ounce of splatter. I also use the DSP modifier, and I get all sorts of comments about my whopper AM signal.

The amp runs in SSB mode (full HT) and the tubes run just-glowing, like they would be on SSB with 100W drive. I can key down as long as I like, and the amp sits on about 400W carrier and PEP is god knows what, but the power meter is swinging pretty hard on voice peaks.

Using a Tube Amp on AM is totally a blast!


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