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Re: [Amps] Weakness of first two letters of call signs

Subject: Re: [Amps] Weakness of first two letters of call signs
From: Alek Petkovic <>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2020 18:44:59 +0800
List-post: <>
Yes. I think it is true. That's why, if I get asked for a repeat of my call, I will send it at least twice, without a large gap, so that the second time it is sent at full steam. That usually does the trick.

I run the inward QSL bureau for VK6. I see a lot of cards come in for VK6FO. Funny thing is, that VK6FO does not exist. The cards are actually for 4K6FO. I have heard 4K6FO on the air and it is true, the first dit is extremely hard to pick up because it seems to be sent at lower strength.

I don't pretend to know why this stuff happens, I only wanted to concur with you and say that it definitely does.

73, Alek, VK6APK

On 6/10/2020 6:24 pm, Jeff in Mali: via Amps wrote:
In my pileups, I find that people often send their call signs only one time. 
Most call signs are of the form XX#YY or XX#YYY. By the time their sending gets 
to the #, their signal is strong enough so that I can copy the rest of the call.
i am wondering if it is a common property of amplifiers that they take a finite 
time to reach full power and that as people send their call sign, the first 
couple of letters are being transmitted at less than full power?
Do people in the group have any experience with this phenomenon, or is it just 
my imagination?
I try to get people to send their call 3 times (QSZ 3), but someone has 
convinced a lot of operators that once is enough.
Jeff TZ4AM
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