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Re: [Amps] Weakness of first two letters of call signs

To: Victor Rosenthal 4X6GP <>,
Subject: Re: [Amps] Weakness of first two letters of call signs
From: Bruce <>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2020 08:40:08 -0400
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You are so correct Victor. I have a special problem with my call (W8HW) on CW as often would get logged as "W8SW" if I only sent it once. I quickly learned to send my call sign two (2) times in pile-ups and that serves to reduce errors and reduces "busted logs" problems. It takes less time to send call twice and get it right than it does to correct it later, and later_often_ does _NOT_ work as by then the pile up starts again and makes it impossible to correct.

73, Bruce, W8HW


On 10/6/2020 7:09 AM, Victor Rosenthal 4X6GP wrote:

I don't think most amps do this, but I know that some transceivers do (e.g., the Elecraft K3 under some circumstances, due to its closed-loop power control). There is also a psychological mechanism at work, I think. At least in my case, I sometimes become aware of a very weak signal calling me after the first few characters, at which point my brain locks in on it. Finally, sometimes there is QSB which takes out part of a call.

Operators have been told over and over ONLY SEND YOUR CALL ONCE! Well, not every situation is a Bouvet Island pileup, and -- especially on the low bands -- I would really like it if callers would send their calls two or three times.

Victor, 4X6GP
Rehovot, Israel
Formerly K2VCO
CWops no. 5
On 06/10/2020 13:24, Jeff in Mali: via Amps wrote:
In my pileups, I find that people often send their call signs only
one time. Most call signs are of the form XX#YY or XX#YYY. By the
time their sending gets to the #, their signal is strong enough so
that I can copy the rest of the call. i am wondering if it is a
common property of amplifiers that they take a finite time to reach
full power and that as people send their call sign, the first couple
of letters are being transmitted at less than full power? Do people
in the group have any experience with this phenomenon, or is it just
my imagination? I try to get people to send their call 3 times (QSZ
3), but someone has convinced a lot of operators that once is
enough. 73, Jeff TZ4AM

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