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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2022 13:15:38 +0000 (UTC)
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It’s to the point that Eimac tubes are just too expensive and one thinks hard 
that the price of an Eimac 8877 or pair of 3cx800’s are half or more of a 
modern entry level solid state amplifier.  The Chinese make low cost tunes in 
comparison but the quality is as low as the price too.  You’ll probably buy two 
Chinese tubes of any sort to one Eimac.  The new 9500 he talks about will 
probably be a Chinese 8877, their 4cx1000’s in the big dual amp are Chinese. OM 
Power uses the Chinese FU728, about a $400 tube but can’t hold a candle to s 
your Eimac tube.  Will be interesting to watch unfold.

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On Saturday, January 22, 2022, 8:04 AM, Rob Atkinson <> 

I hope that guy starts making stuff soon because if he keeps moving in
there won't be any hams left by the time he goes into production.  I
wonder how he gets financing with no revenue coming in.  I love tube
gear as much as anyone and have no plans to ever run a final PA that's
solid state, but the reality is hams are the last ones running RF
power grid tubes now and the ham population isn't big enough to
sustain production.  That's why popular tube prices are going high.  A
large number of amplifier buyers are contesters and dxers, mostly old
hams who can't move heavy power supplies around.  They're buying solid
state gear and that's the future.  If I were to start up an RF power
amplifier business I'd focus on more than the ham market and not even
consider anything that uses tubes.  I'm waiting for the news
Ameritron is discontinuing production of some of their line.  Their
dual 3-500 amplifier is $4000!

The good news is the thousands and thousands of existing tube
amplifiers and transmitters that are already out there and available
second hand.

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