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Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2022 13:12:26 -0600
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I owned a Prometheus DX2400 for several years.
It was stout, on par with most 2KW tube amps.
But it was a brick outhouse in size and weight (if you had the linear supply, 
that second box alone was a two-man lift).  
High quality based on robustness yes.  It was also 25-year-old no frills tech.  
Today it is DOA on price and features (complete lack of) and the related 
vintage tech.

I hope he took this Covid time to design something that would overtake the 
current field, but the odds are better to play and win the Power Ball lottery.  
73 Mike K9MK

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Subject: [Amps] new Alpha

> "The guy that bought Alpha already owns a solid state amplifier company."

Mike Dishop has the wherewithal to build high-quality solid-state amps as 
evidenced by his Prometheus DX2400.  I'm surprised that pre-COVID he didn't 
place the Alpha label on it and get it into production.  But at roughly USD 
$10K he's got competition from several USD $5K-$8K legal-limit SS class amp 

Paul, W9AC

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