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[CQ-Contest] Novices/Technicians/Contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Novices/Technicians/Contesting
From: utahfolk@konnections.com (utahfolk@konnections.com)
Date: Sun Mar 1 21:34:39 1998
Do not drown drinking the water!   It is better to bring the contest to
SOB (Shack-on-Belters!) than to let them in enmass!  Invite them to your
shack or/and bring back something like the NR which was a source for
of today's contesters .... ARRL dropped NR because it was a declining
count event .... now we have NO avenue to pursue, THANKS ALOT! 
FIST's NR doesn't answer the issue .... 

If we are serious about this issue, we would have a contest event
or events IN the SOB bands and we would attend!  Else, all this is
just lots of WIND! ..... de OG of KD7AEE

george fremin iii wrote:
> Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph writes:
> >On the flip side of the coin:, get off our duffs, get on the Novice
> >bands, contact those Novices that are trying to improve their code
> >speed, and upgrade, and give them QSOs; go out and recruit youngsters
> >(that have upgraded) into the wonders of the challenge of contesting
> >and evangelize our sport of contesting (and it is sport!) to these
> >and other General and above hams.  Go to the local clubs and give talks
> >on the wonders of contesting and of talking to hams all over the whole
> >world, not just in our back yard via the local 2 meter repeater.  Do
> >everything we can to increase other's enthusiasm for the sport and
> >avocation.  But please don't open the flood gates just to get a drink
> >of water.
> Now on this point you are right on -- the non-CW Techs can
> all get on the 50 Mhz and above bands and they have FULL privilages
> on these bands.
> We have contests on the 50 Mhz and above bands - if you really
> want to get growth in contesting I think that you can do it
> by showing them how much fun it can be in the VHF/UHF bands as
> this is something they can do with their current liscense.
> Then you can show then the same can be done on the HF bands.
> You should also show them HF contesting - invite them over
> to operate - the University of Texas Amateur Radio clubs
> trys to do this in every contest they operate. In the last
> VHF contest they even had a non-ham on the air making
> contacts. This is a wonderful way to expose all this
> fun we have to the new comer.
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