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[CQ-Contest] K7FR UBN thoughts

Subject: [CQ-Contest] K7FR UBN thoughts
From: k7fr@televar.com (Gary A. Nieborsky PE)
Date: Tue Mar 17 12:01:41 1998
I like it!

Can't say I liked what I saw but it will be used as a tool.  I think the
UBN process is a sound one and hope that these results will continue to be
made available to the entrants.  As has been pointed out before: the zero
point QSO thing needs to be addressed to eliminate the NIL  problem with

I won't embarass myself by posting the entire UBN Report.  I do feel
compelled to list those W's that didn't have me in their log and cost me a
zone or two.


I will not editorialize on these since I'm quite sure my skirts are not
clean on this issue either.

Let's make some change that will encourage the logging of W's by W's.  The
change doesn't have to give W's some overly great bonus that turns CQWW
into SS with DX but it does need to count for something other than zero. 
How about 0.5 points for all after the initial zone mult?

73 Gary K7FR

......back to code practice.......

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