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[CQ-Contest] K7FR UBN thoughts

Subject: [CQ-Contest] K7FR UBN thoughts
From: aa4ga@contesting.com (Lee Hiers, AA4GA)
Date: Wed Mar 18 02:07:40 1998
On 17 Mar 98, Gary A. Nieborsky PE wrote:

> I won't embarass myself by posting the entire UBN Report.  I do feel
> compelled to list those W's that didn't have me in their log and cost me a
> zone or two.
> W7RM
> K3LR
> W5UN
> I will not editorialize on these since I'm quite sure my skirts are not
> clean on this issue either.
> Let's make some change that will encourage the logging of W's by W's.  The
> change doesn't have to give W's some overly great bonus that turns CQWW
> into SS with DX but it does need to count for something other than zero. 
> How about 0.5 points for all after the initial zone mult?

Well, it's apparent that it is VERY common for the big boys not to 
log same-country QSOs.

I see several options:  

1)  Come up with some penalty for the offending non-loggers...an 
analysis of _their_ NIL files would make it apparent who they are.  
Say, removal of one multiplier for each station they don't log that 
is a mult...that should get some attention.

2)  Remove all same-country multipliers...therefore no zero-point Qs 
to be bothered with.  

3)  Have the CQWW people as a matter of policy not remove such 
QSOs...after all, how hard is it to work your own country (not 
counting some low-contest-activity countries!)?

Something should be done.  It's not fair that _I_ go to lengths to
make sure I work a multiplier and lose it because the lid on the
other end doesn't feel he has the responsibility to log the stations
that call him just because they don't count anything for him.

I guarantee that every one of the above stations, and the lid that I
worked who didn't log me, got credit for the US/zone mult.

No, having UBN files open to everyone wouldn't make me not enter 
CQWW, but the CQWW committee not correcting an error such as this 
sure could.

73 de Lee

Lee Hiers - AA4GA
Cornelia, GA

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