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[CQ-Contest] Heil BM-10 headset problem

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Heil BM-10 headset problem
From: w1nr@eecorp.com (Michael A. McCarthy, W1NR)
Date: Sat Mar 21 18:18:05 1998
I have to agree with Steve.  My proset sounds fine on the TS-940S.
I would call Heil.

Mike, W1NR

Steve Zettel wrote:
> I haven't noticed a problem with my Proset, but maybe I'm lucky. I prefer
> it's audio for radio purposes to the limited population of other hi-fi and
> comm headsets I have, but hearing is a very idiosyncratic thing. Certainly
> haven't noticed any electrical or mechanical artifacts. My yearly hearing
> tests are all in the upper 10th percentile for guys in their 40's, and,
> I'll admit it, am a "recovering" audiophile.  8^)
> Bob Heil also did much of the sound system for the Greatful Dead in their
> touring hey-dey.
> I wish they made the Proset with the ability to easily switch between an
> installed HC-4 and HC-5. . . .
> Steve "Old Dead-head" Zettel  KJ7CH
> near Libby, MT

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