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[CQ-Contest] Contesting from the basement

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contesting from the basement
From: w2up@mindspring.com (Barry )
Date: Wed Jul 23 03:14:46 2003

On 22 Jul 2003 Jim Idelson wrote:

> We are about to have the basement remodeled. The contest shack will be moved 
> from the first floor to the basement. I am interested in how your basement 
> contest shack is setup. What do you like? What don't you like?
> Here are a few questions I'm considering:
>   -  Are your walls sheetrock or just framed or even less?

Sheetrock walls and dropped ceiling.

>   -  How do you get your cables in from the outside - and how do you keep 
> them 
> neat?

4 inch PVC pipe from underground enters the house just above the 
concrete of the basement wall. As they enter, all cables (rotor too) 
go thru ICE or Polyphaser lightning arrestors on a grounded aluminum 
plate. It's messy where it enters house, in a crawlspace, then goes 
above the dropped ceiling, down the wall behind the gear and out a 
hole behind/under the operating desk.

>   -  What do you use for operating position furniture?

Homebrew. Two 4x8 plywood sheets shaped in an L, on a 2x4 frame heavy 
enough for me to stand on, to get behind stuff. Also, built shelves 
for gear. on top of desktop. Drilled a bunch of 2 inch holes in it at 
the back to feed cables from below to above. A pic here: 

One mistake I made. Although it was easier from a construction 
standpoint, using the wall as the back support, I wish I left room to 
get behind the desk. As it is now, I have to climb over the gear to 
reach the cables.

>   -  What kind of floor covering should we install?

I have 12 inch self-adhesive linoleum-type tiles. Works for me. 
Cleans up easily. Not hard to find things that fall (as with carpet).

>   -  What kind of lighting should we use?

Incandescent. Fluorescent may be noisy.

>   -  How many outlets do we really need [110 and 240]?

Twice as many as you think you need now (really!)

>   -  What about heat/AC?

I put a register on one duct of the central air/heat that feeds the 
first floor also.

> If this is interesting to you, and you'd like to look at the specifics, 
> please 
> ask me for the floor plan and a shot of how the cables are coming in now.
> Please copy me and the reflector with your suggestions - I suspect there is 
> probably sufficient interest for people to want to read your replies!
> 73,
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